About The Jackson Institute

The Jackson Institute is a leadership development organization whose mission is to contribute to the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual formation of individuals who are on a passionate quest to be welcomed, received, and acknowledged by God. We are committed to the vigorous pursuit of truth and offer many venues and resources for those who are seeking satisfying answers to life’s most challenging questions. Through engaging discussions, mentoring relationships, strategic training, lectures, and recommended readings, we seek to foster life transformation in Christ as a passionate response to the Great Commandment, the Great Commission, and the Cultural Mandate.

The numerous and time-tested resources we recommend include some of the greatest books and literature ever penned to address the deepest longings of the human mind, emotions, and will. For the one who longs to know God and is willing to pursue a deeper understanding of the gospel, a distinctively Christian worldview, and an uncompromising commitment to follow Christ, the promise remains that the one who seeks, finds.

Our philosophy of ministry emerged after years of studying the life of Jesus Christ, who shaped and trained his disciples to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Following His teaching, example, and methods, the Institute offers comprehensive discipleship training, personal spiritual direction, and advanced leadership training.

Encouraging both individual and corporate discipleship, the Institute promotes healthy environments for building godly character, developing practical skills, and imparting objective truth, including small and large group structures.

Agreeing with the late John R.W. Stott that the greatest problem in the church is its superficiality, we believe that the Institute’s vision of permeating the kingdom of God with reproducing leaders is best accomplished in and through local churches that not only preach the Word, but are also committed to evangelism and personal discipleship in small group environments that promote prayer, Bible study, the spiritual disciplines, accountability, confidentiality, acceptance, and love – all for the glory of God.

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Our downloadable brochure and PowerPoint presentation contains additional information about the history, scope, and ministry of the Institute.