Assurance of Salvation


In his book, The God Who Loves You, Boston College philosophy professor, Dr. Peter Kreeft, ponders the questions that people have been asking for centuries: “How can I know God loves me? I believe it, or I want to believe it. But how can I know it for sure? How can I get assurance of the most important thing in the world?”

Is what we call assurance of salvation possible? Can we be certain that when we die we will go to heaven and be with the Lord forever? What kind of guarantee or pledge have I been given that this would, indeed, be the case?

John R.W. Stott writes that we can have an assured relationship with God. “The Christian’s relationship with God as a child to his Father is not only intimate, but sure. How then can we know that it has been established? So many people seem to do no more than hope for the best; is it possible to know for certain? It is. It is more than possible; it is God’s revealed will for us. We ought to be sure of our relationship with God not just for the sake of our own peace of mind and helpfulness to others, but because God means us to be sure. St. John states categorically that this was his purpose in writing his first general Epistle. ‘I write this to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life” (Basic Christianity).

This study is designed for those who want to know what the Scriptures teach about having an assured relationship with God through Jesus Christ. You will delight in reading or re-reading the words of our Lord that were inspired and preserved for the comfort of those who have entered into a personal relationship with Him. Additionally, you will be exposed to the teaching of the Westminster Confession of Faith, Dr. Carl F.H. Henry, Dr. Wayne Grudem, Chuck Colson, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Dr. R.C. Sproul, Dr. D. James Kennedy, and Dr. John Murray to bring the kind of clarity that you need in order for you to know that you have the free gift of eternal life.

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Assurance of Salvation