An Introduction to Christian Ethics


In the midst of the overwhelming moral challenges we are facing today is there a way forward? Does truth exist, or is everything relative? Should we base our moral judgments on our own feelings, opinions, and emotions? Can we navigate the complexities of making good decisions that are honoring to God? Is it possible to learn a biblical model which answers the criticisms of non-Christian ethics and, at the same time, provides warranted assurance that we really can live in such a way that pleases Him?

In this series of lectures we examine an ethical model that will help you answer your own moral dilemmas and questions, enable you to answer those who claim there are no transcendent moral values in the universe, and prepare you to live in such a way that pleases God.


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Ethics, Part 1: An Introduction to Christian Ethics.

Ethics, Part 2: The Triangle of Necessary & Sufficient Conditions.

Ethics, Part 3: The Deontological Perspective.

Ethics, Part 4: The Situational Perspective.

Ethics, Part 5: The Situational Perspective (Continued).

Ethics, Part 6: The Existential Perspective.

Ethics, Part 7: The Existential Perspective (Continued).

Ethics, Part 8: Applying the Triperspectival Model.

Ethics, Part 9: Discerning the Will of God.

Ethics, Part 10: The Role of Conscience.