The Certainty of God‘s Promises


How many people are currently living in fear, worry, or loneliness and are crying out for assurance and certainty? Where does one look for answers to the questions that weigh heavily on the young and old alike? Can we find anything or anyone reliable or stable enough to ease our anxiety and settle our restless hearts and minds? What we need is a word from a divine being who is powerful enough to fulfill His promises and reassure us that everything will be alright in the end. This lecture series will address these questions and more as we look at the certainty of the promises made by a God who calls us to Himself by His initiating love.


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God’s Promises, Part 1: All Things Work Together for Good.

God’s Promises, Part 2: I Will Be With You.

God’s Promises, Part 3: The Night is Coming When No One Can Work.

God’s Promises, Part 4: I Will Give Wisdom to You.