The Invisible War Against Satan


Is it possible that perhaps we have lost touch with the supernatural and failed to take Satan seriously? Could it be that, living among a preponderance of people who adhere to technological, scientific, and materialistic worldviews, the doctrine of Satan has become an embarrassment to us? Have we embraced universal salvation, as did John Hick and others, and demythologized the devil? Has Satan become an intolerable fiction? Do we ever believe that Satan is more than a created being or that he is a wholly independent force? And why has spiritism, demonism, and even Satan worship revived in recent decades as a phenomenon of civilized society? It is clear that Western thought has eroded faith in the invisible spiritual world.

The Invisible War Against Satan is a series designed to address the questions that you may have been asking for years, to dispel ideas which have their roots in pagan myths and cultures, and to challenge popular and long-held beliefs about Satan, demonization, demon possession, and exorcisms which fail to take the Scriptures seriously.

The foundation of our study will be God’s own self-disclosure, His written Word. The eternal God has given us the Scriptures by which we may know the truth about everything, including Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare. Those who understand their enemy and his strategies and know how to engage him with the proper weapons will be more than conquerors.


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The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 1: The Origin and Fall of Satan.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 2: A Portrait of Satan.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 3: Satan’s Activities and Power.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 4: The Power of Death and Satan’s Defeat.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 5: The Unrelenting War With Satan’s Malevolent Operatives.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 6: How Satan Seeks to Destroy You.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 7: Finding Strength and Protection in the Invisible War.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 8: The Biblical Mode of Spiritual Warfare.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 9: God’s Splendid Armor.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 10: The Belt of Truth.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 11: The Breastplate of Righteousness & The Sandals of Readiness.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 12: The Shield of Faith.

The Invisible War Against Satan, Part 13: The Helmet of Salvation, The Sword of the Spirit, and All-Prayer.

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