What It Means to Worship God


Until the day when I meet Christ face-to-face, I will hold to, and seek to advance, the truth and conviction that there is nothing in this life that is more important and consequential than knowing the only true God. It has been my privilege to know Him since I was a child. Over the many years since those early days and simple faith, I have come to see that many people (this list is very long) have loved me well and have given me a deeper understanding of who God is and what it means to live in a covenantal relationship with Him. While I was rattled, and then stumbled, for four years following my studies in atheistic philosophy, the Lord was faithful to bring godly, world-class scholars into my life who led me out of the darkness and into the light of Christ.

During that time, I was confident that I did not want to be deceived –by anyone. And so began a lifetime of learning -searching, listening, reading, studying, traveling. I am not quite certain when it happened, but I eventually came to the place where my belief was certain -that there really was a person named Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life, who died a horrific death on a Roman cross for our sins, who was raised bodily from the dead on the third day, and who ascended into heaven where He now sits at the right hand of the Father and reigns in power and glory. He is the incomparable Lord of heaven and earth, and there is none like Him. All other gods, philosophies, and worldviews are false and offer vain hope for either this life or the one to come.

Our focus during this series was to consider whether God could be known or not and, if He does exist and is knowable, then how could we truly know Him and to what degree. My argument continues to be that, while God is incomprehensible, He is also knowable –though never exhaustively. I maintain that the knowledge we have of God is not speculative but is an obedient acknowledgement of the will of God. Thus, it carries with it a corresponding way of life –the abundant life that Jesus promised to those who receive and follow Him.

Out of His great mercy and grace, this majestic and holy God has spoken and disclosed Himself to us. According to His Word, He has invited us to come into His presence to worship and adore Him. Thus, we engage in a 3-part series entitled, What It Means to Worship God.


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What It Means to Worship God, Part 1: An Introduction

What It Means to Worship God, Part 2: The Roots of Destructive Idolatry

What It Means to Worship God, Part 3: Personal Transformation Through Worship